Welcome to Southport Unitarians

Southport Unitarians believe more than one thing. We have no shared creed. We are people of many backgrounds who have different beliefs, but shared values.

Southport U Nitarians About

We value the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We have a responsible search that has led us to embrace diverse teachings from Eastern and Western religions and philosophies.

We think for ourselves, and reflect together, about important questions:

  • The existence of a Higher Power
  • Life and Death
  • Sacred Texts
  • Inspiration and Guidance
  • Prayer and Spiritual Practices

We are united in our broad and inclusive outlook. We are united in shared experience: our open and stirring worship services, religious exploration, and rites of passage; our work for social justice; our quest to include the marginalized; our expressions of love.

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17th March 4

27 Feb 2024

April Services

We have 2 enlightening services coming up, this April

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