April Services

27 Feb 2024

17th March 4

Thursday 11th April

Flower Communion Service

Just like a flower garden is more beautiful when it has many different flowers in it, our community is more beautiful when it has many different people in it.

Reverend Theresa I. Soto

Journey of the Soul

Thursday 25th April

Journey of the Soul: Exploring Life After Death

What truly constitutes our 'soul,' the essence that many believe continues beyond our physical existence? As living beings, often identified with the acronym 'S.O.S.' or 'Save Our Souls,' what part of our being do we conceptualize as the soul that embarks on a journey beyond death? How do our understandings of the soul shape our perceptions of life, death, eternity, and the possibility of an afterlife?

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Thursday Service, Celebrating Women!

27 Feb 2024

March Services

We have 2 enlightening services coming up, this March

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